Chronicles of a fiasco

Here is Jupiter as seen using a Skywatcher 130/900 telescope, an EQ2 mount, and a Logitech c270 webcam. I used the usual procedure which consists of shooting a video, then processing the best frames with Registax, and finally applying wavelet sharpening filters (together to other Photoshop tuning). With a bit of imagination you can see… Continue reading Chronicles of a fiasco

EQ2 Equatorial Mount: a quick pointing guide

As an amateur astrophile, I can count on very simple tools – such as a 130/900 Skywatcher Newtonian telescope on an EQ2 mount – that sometimes can seem obscure to a total newbie (or to an occasional observer). So, I decided to write this simple vademecum to read everytime the official manual isn’t available for… Continue reading EQ2 Equatorial Mount: a quick pointing guide